BT Toyota Rolatruc Pallet Truck Wheel Kit

Now available from - nylon wheel kit for BT Toyota Rolatruc pallet trucks!

This kit fits popular models L2000, L23, OEC2300 and LHM230 that have a single load roller (one load roller wheel under each fork).

These are excellent OEM quality wheels & axles made in Europe. This kit includes the following parts:

BT160421 - D175x56mm White Nylon Pallet Truck Steer Wheel, W56mm hub length, Clamping Length 43mm, D20mm bearings

BT156623 - Black plastic steer wheel dust cap

BT167602 BT7582437 - D85x101mm White Nylon Single Load roller, Clamping Length 101 mm, D17mm anti-tangle bearings

BT47133 - Single Load Roller Axle D17 x L127mm inc roll pins (BT20001)

See our Steer Wheel Fitting Guide HERE
Download a PDF of this guide here

See our Load Roller Fitting Guide HERE
Download a PDF of this guide HERE

We also stock the entry roller kit that fits on the very tips of each frame fork to assist the pallet truck forks entering pallets:

BT Toyota LHM230 Nylon Entry Roller Wheel Kit BT47150 Pallet Truck Spare Parts BCF Handling

Click her for more info

Contact us if your truck has tandem load rollers (two load rollers under each fork) or if you are unsure if this kit will fit your pallet truck. Our team of specialist parts advisers will be able to assist you sourcing the correct wheels for your pallet trucks:

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