EP Equipment - Lithium Powered Pallet Trucks - Battery Safety

One of the most popular battery powered pallet trucks manufactures is EP Equipment. Several of their models have a compact pull out rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, which is also used on other makes trucks (see list of compatible makes and models below).

As an operator of an electric pallet truck, it is essential to perform a daily check of the truck. This will not only ensure that the truck is safe to use, but also extend its life.

One of these daily checks should be performed on the battery. This example shows the removable battery common with models listed below.

The daily visual inspection only requires a short look at the bottom of the battery and also the battery cradle tray in the truck and on the battery charger. You will be looking to see:

  • Is the battery swollen or damaged?
  • Is the battery leaking electrolytes?
  • Are the connector pins in the battery tray damaged?
  • Is the battery tray damaged?

EP Equipment - Lithium Battery DamageEP Equipment Battery Tray Damage
The pictures above show what to look out for. The image below is what is safe and how an undamaged battery should look like:

EP Equipment Lithium Battery undamaged

If you see any signs that the battery is swollen, damaged, or leaking, do not use it and contact your provider immediately. Same with the charger or battery tray.

The battery tray and connector pins in the truck and on the external stand-alone battery charger can get damaged, we often find users accidently drop the battery when inserting into the truck or charger which can damage the tray or 2-pin and 4-pin battery connector pins.

These items can easily be replaced with some simple tools, and we would recommend that you get a qualified repair engineer to do the repair work. Below are details how to repair/ replace the components of the battery tray:

EP Equipment Battery Tray Installation

EP Equipment Battery Tray Installation


BCF Handling can supply you the parts you need, click the links below for the most popular parts required for repairing the battery tray:

Battery Tray
2-pin Battery Connector
4-pin Battery Connector
Replacement Battery Charger Coiled Cable


Compatible Models:

EP Equipment – EPT12-EZ
EP Equipment – EPL153
EP Equipment - EPL1531
EP Equipment - HPL152
Ameise - SPM110
Clark - WPio12
Liftek 1200+ Powerglide
Liftek - DriverTruk 20
Liftek - DriverTruk 30
Linde - MT12
Pramac – EX15L
TotalLifter/ Climax - P12
TotalLifter – ELP12Li
Still - ECH12Still - ECH12Li


Contact us for more info: info@bcfhandling.com


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