Hand pallet truck oil change guide

How to change the oil in a hand pallet truck:
A 12-step guide

To ensure best performance of a hand pallet truck, regular oil changes are required. You do not need to visit a specialist for this and like other maintenance and service work, it can easily be done yourself. Our guide shows you which tools are required, what to be aware of and how to proceed when it comes to changing the oil in your pallet truck.

It is not necessary to hire a specialist in order to change the oil in a pallet jack. All you need is the following equipment: a flathead screwdriver, a collection container and a pivot wrench. Follow these step-by-step instructions for how to proceed:

BCF_Handling_-_AC25_Pallet_Truck_Oil_Change (1)
Check the ground is level and firm, then fully lower the pallet jack using the operating lever.

BCF_Handling_-_AC25_Pallet_Truck_Oil_Change (2)  
Using a flathead screwdriver, loosen the screw that holds the oil filler cap in place.


 BCF_Handling_-_AC25_Pallet_Truck_Oil_Change (3)
Unhook the handle chain, then remove the lever by pushing out the dowel pin with a pin punch. 

BCF_Handling_-_AC25_Pallet_Truck_Oil_Change (4)
Rotate the tow bar until it stops. The lowering valve should now be accessible. 


BCF_Handling_-_AC25_Pallet_Truck_Oil_Change (5)
Place the collection container under the lowering valve. 


BCF_Handling_-_AC25_Pallet_Truck_Oil_Change (6)
Using a pivot wrench, fully unscrew the lowering valve and let the oil drain out. Make sure that all the oil goes into the collection container. If some oil spills, you must bind it to prevent it from seeping into the groundwater. 


BCF_Handling_-_AC25_Pallet_Truck_Oil_Change (7)

Check potential damage to the O-ring (sealing ring) belonging to the lowering valve. If there are cracks or holes, you may need a seal replacement for your pallet truck.


BCF_Handling_-_AC25_Pallet_Truck_Oil_Change (8)

Reinstall the lowering valve and tighten it by hand, then carefully drive in the handle lever pin with a hammer. 


BCF_Handling_-_AC25_Pallet_Truck_Oil_Change (9)
Hook the handle chain back into the lever.


BCF_Handling_-_AC25_Pallet_Truck_Oil_Change (10)
Carefully refill with oil until the desired oil level is reached – approximately to the lower edge of the drain cap or 1-2 centimetres below it. The recommended oil level may depend on the pallet truck model. Be careful not to spill any oil or overfill the equipment. Precise information on the type of oil and the required amount can be found in the operating instructions for each model.


BCF_Handling_-_AC25_Pallet_Truck_Oil_Change (11)
Secure the screw in place with a flathead screwdriver.


BCF_Handling_-_AC25_Pallet_Truck_Oil_Change (12)
Test the lifting function of the pallet jack by pumping the tow bar 10-15 times. If the machine is not lifting, the problem may lie with the hydraulic system and you may need to bleed the pallet truck.


FAQ on hand pallet truck oil changes

Q: Does a pallet jack oil change have to be carried out by a specialist workshop?
A: It is not necessary to visit a specialist when changing the oil in a pallet jack. Like other maintenance and service procedures, such as wheel replacement, you can change the oil in your hand pallet truck yourself.

Q: What tools do you need?
A: In addition to the correct type of oil for your pallet truck model, you will need the following tools: a flathead screwdriver, a collection container and a pivot wrench.

Q: What should you be aware of when changing the oil in a pallet jack?
A: Take particular care that no spills occur when draining or refilling pallet truck oil. If, despite all precautions, some of the oil spills onto the ground, you must bind the oil to prevent groundwater contamination.

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